Our store is full of  “Amazing Finds” 

Each cookbook and non-book inventory item carried at eat your words has been hand-selected.

You may have to pardon our enthusiasm at eat your words as we love to share the features of our cookbooks and these “amazing finds”, each one chosen for their utility, eco-friendliness, cheerfulness or sheer fun.

Artwork by Dan Dubois


Rather than a complete library of in-print cookbooks, eat your words will stock cookbooks carefully selected with booklovers and cooks in mind. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask – the book you want may very well be in our inventory and, if not, we will happily try to source a copy for you.

A sampling of the vintage, recent and current cookbooks we have acquired for you:

To make you reminisce – Betty Crocker Cookbooks; Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook with a recorded introduction by Arlo Guthrie

To make you smile – Curious George Makes Pancakes

To make you cry – In Memory’s Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin compiled by memory by starving female internees of a way station to Auschwitz

To make you laugh –Real Men Don’t Dice and Testicles: Balls in Cooking & Culture

To make you think – books by Elizabeth David, MFK Fisher, Michael Pollan

To make you cook or bake – amazing cookbooks from Canadian authors such as Daphna Rabinovitch, Elizabeth Baird, Anita Stewart, Edna Staebler and many more; The Good Cook Time Life Series – classics of the 60’s that endure;  Jamie Oliver’s Cookbooks – a good cook and inspiring philanthropist; Julia Child’s Cookbooks; Jacques Pepin’s Cookbooks, Delia Smith’s Cookbooks and yes, we, too, believe Martha still matters

To make you want to book a dinner reservation or travel sooner– Plenty, Jerusalem, Prune, The French Laundry

and many to simply read, enjoy, inspire you to cook, eat well or entertain.

We carry all available Lucky Peach Volumes as well as the Wednesday & Sunday New York Times –  drop by eat your words on a relaxing Sunday and find out what Mark Bittman and other food writers suggest you dish up.

A Selection of Linens

Non-book products:

Each product is an item that we use and enthusiastically endorse as home cooks who love to entertain family and friends. Each new product eat your words carries will be fully-functional, of enduring quality and meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

– we believe in it

– Canadian made

– eco-friendly

– good value for money

A taste of our “amazing finds”:

Weir’s Lane
Lavender & Apiary Products

eat your words carries kitchen-themed oil paintings commissioned from a talented Toronto artist. Your kitchen deserves original art too! Dan Dubois is a neighbourhood artist creating exclusively commissioned charming paintings for eat your words starting from $150

-an amazing Canadian all-natural alternative to plastic wrap – Abeego not only keeps your food fresher, it will charm you with its beeswax scent and vintage look

Duralex Picardie Glasses

-an amazing eco-friendly cleaning cloth, Jude’s Miracle Cloth, that cleans your mirrors, stainless steel appliances, windows and much more, dampened with just water – no chemicals. And perhaps best of all – it dries on its own streak-free

-locally-produced honey and beeswax candles

White Meadows maple products including their amazing Maple Vinegar, a wonderful hostess gift

White Meadows
Maple Products

– eat your words carries “The Girl” greeting cards created by a local Toronto artist in whimsical food and drink-related themes, unique and a bargain at $4.00 each
And also Anne Taintor cards and products

– Microplane – simply the best graters used by top chefs as well as home cooks

– Swedish dishcloths in playful designs

– pristine Pyrex pieces  and other fun vintage finds

1958 Holt Howard Mustard Jar and Spoon

– Duralex Picardie glasses in seven sizes, guaranteed to be the lowest price in town as well as Nesting Bowls

– Kusmi Tea

– Many other fun and functional new finds

Our Selection of Amazing Kusmi Tea

Always on the lookout to bring you new amazing finds!

If you have a favourite, hard-to-find item that you think we should stock, please introduce it to us!

Don’t forget to bring the kids!

Kathy started cooking at a young age and knows that was the catalyst of her life-long love of cooking and entertaining. At eat your words you will find a children’s area filled with vintage and new cookbooks and other food-related books and products to inspire young children’s cooking imaginations, not to mention keeping them happily engaged while you browse.